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Monday, 25 February 2013

~Thanks For The Memory~

Thanks for the best days,
Of my life you gave me,
There we so sweet, so lovely,
So memorable you see...

4T students (Chemistry class)

4S students (Biology class)

You provided the happiness I was looking for,
I gathered so much still longing more,
You bashful talk that made me fine,
You child-like smile so cute, so divine...

You gave joy in everything you did,
Mostly you were sober though sometime stupid,
Your endearing nature of innocent kids,
I'll cheerish all your memories forever indeed...

You provided me a reason to smile,
With your lovely memories in my heart all the while,
You showed me the heart of gold you have inside,
So frank were you, you had nothing to hide...

Thank for the great time,
Of my life, you brought me, 
It was so precious, so worthy,
So priceless for me =)

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